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What’s covered in the retreat? What will we be doing? What will we eat?

Sis, we’ve got you. Our intention for this experience is for every day to feel like a big sigh of ease + relief. Know that we’ve got every detail covered so that during your time in Bali with us, you can truly focus on you: your rest, your healing, your transformation, your purpose, your alignment, your community, your personal intention for being there.

Day 1

From Day One, the moment you touch down at Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) in Bali, Indonesia, there will be a serviceman there to support you in your journey to Alaya Resort Ubud. Imagine, now, yourself traveling ease-fully to the location, where we await you.
Upon arrival to the resort, you’ll rest, relish in the beauty of your room, or commune with other sisters who’ve already arrived as you await our very special welcome ceremony and dinner.
Then, join Danielle Lyles Barton as she guides you through the first session of vulnerability, sisterhood, and womb awakening.

Day 2

Good morning! It’s your first full day in Ubud, Bali! Join us for breakfast and mix and mingle with other sisters. Whatever you choose, we’ll gather for yoga and Sunflower Chats.
For lunch, journey off-site to commune in sacred fellowship with the other women joining you on the experience. No need to worry about this meal, we’ll cover all the details. It will be vegetarian, hearty, and delicious!
Return feeling refreshed, revitalized, and renewed as we move into our next Sunflower Chat with Karlene Graham. For dinner, it’s Bloomer’s Choice!

Day 3

Today’s a day for adventure! Pack cute + comfy clothes because we’ve got an excursion planned for you! Breakfast is Bloomer’s Choice today with an early start to the day. Join us on the resort for breakfast or sleep in and have a quiet, meditative snack in your room.
After our thrilling excursion, we’ll settle in with Dr. Tiffany Lester over a delish vegan, Balinese meal as she shares her wisdom on physical health from a truly integrative perspective. Bring your questions for the Doc!
Are you feeling FIERCE yet? If not, you will be after Karlene takes you through a well-lit tunnel of tangible envisioning for the next 3 years. Dinner is Bloomer’s Choice tonight, but eat light because we’ll be wrapping up the day with some movement and embodied wholeness.

Day 4

Rise and SHINE, Sunflowers! Join us for breakfast and yoga, then mosey on over to our sacred meeting spot to hear from Lauren Ash, of Black Girl in Om.
With three days of healing, restoration, and transformation in – it’s time to manifest from a space of non-attachment. What’s that? How do we do that? Lauren will tell us.
There will be plenty to process so we are providing you the space to do so. Bloomer’s Choice! Spend your time however you’d like! Take a nap in your room, journal in nature, get loved up at the spa, or fellowship over a meal off-site. Take time, ask yourself: what do you need? Then do it.
Once you’ve gotten what you need, you’ll return to a special, symbolic treat. No spoilers here. Just wait, it’s worth it, sis.

Day 5

It’s only been five days and why does it feel like you’ve known us all a lifetime? That’s the power of sisterhood, dear friend. In fact, that’s the love story of how Danielle and Karlene became sisters at first sight. Join us for a final breakfast before many women begin their journey home, anew.
We will end how we began, in sacred sisterhood, ritual, and ceremony. Join us for our final activities, say your sweet farewells (but not goodbyes) and see you laters, hug it out, then journey back to the airport with the serviceman who will get you there safely. Be sure to book your flight for later in the evening …

Day 6 + 7 (Optional Bonus)

Join us for the two bonus days we will be offering! YES. We heard last year’s cry for more and this year we are offering it! For no additional retreat cost, we are tagging on two additional days for us to commune and explore more of beautiful Ubud! Although lodging and meals for these days aren’t covered, all of our Sunflower Chats are! Besides, you can’t put a price on sisterhood, right?
We’ve got fun times in store for those who decide to stick around and we’ll be further curating this to fit the specific desires of the women who indicate that they’ll be kiki’ing with us in Bali! Will you be one of those women?
Got to get back to work and/or family and unable to stay for the two bonus days? We got you, too, sis. What’s unique about this experience is that you are not just committing to a 5 day journey with us. You are committing to a lifetime of exploration + sisterhood, if you desire it. We are committed to supporting you beyond the retreat as you bloom.


We are confident that “Sow The Seeds” will facilitate tangible progress in your life.
We are excited to support your transformation.