A California-native, but nomad at heart, Danielle made her way to Chicago where she vigorously pursued self-discovery and self-development. From the time Danielle was first introduced to yoga, it was a medicine for both her body and her heart. As a result of her own journey, Love and Healing are the forces that deeply guide Danielle and it becomes evident in her teaching. Each session incorporates functional breath work, intention setting, heart-full devotion, and positive affirmations.

Danielle leads alignment-based classes that honor students by allowing them safe space to become curious about their own bodies, their own thoughts, and their own experiences. In teaching Hatha Yoga, Danielle guides her students into the deepest parts of their fascia and their feelings, where healing can be ignited.

Above all else, Danielle is a heart-based community builder who is intentional about creating safe space for women to love, release, and heal.

To learn more about Danielle, follow her on Instagram at @daniellelylesbarton.

Karlene is a project manager for heart-based online businesses. Her location-independent vocation has carried her to many corners of the world, but at the moment, Baltimore is her home. She has been fascinated with scheduling, planning and journaling ever since she can recall. She was given her first journal at seven years old, and still has it to this day. In it, you can find unrealistic schedules and ideal morning routines. Fortunately, her planning skills have significantly improved since then!

While working with personal development entrepreneurs, she realized that her project management skills could be combined with these life-changing philosophies to make inner alignment continual and tangible.

Karlene now guides women through the steps to clarifying intentions and putting manifestation into motion by writing it down. Her childhood obsession has blossomed into a transformative practice that she happily shares in workshops and online courses.

To learn more about Karlene, follow her on Instagram at @karlenegraham.


Lauren exists as a spiritual and creative doula for the vision of women of color entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, and world changers. She is a wellness visionary, yoga and meditation guide, engaging speaker and creative writer.

She creates space for women of color to breathe easy through holistic wellness, mindful lifestyling, and intentional living. She does this largely as the founder and director of Black Girl In Om as well as through her life philosophy and the values that she expresses continuously throughout interactions in her daily life.

Since founding the leading platform for women of color on their wellness journeys in 2014, OWN, Nike, MAKE UP FOREVER, Wanderlust, HBO, and SXSW have partnered with Lauren—recognizing her as a trailblazer in contemporary wellness and having a tremendous influence on modern beliefs about mindful living and beauty.

To learn more about Lauren, follow her on Instagram at @hellolaurenash.

Tiffany is the medical director for Parsley Health in San Francisco. She is passionate about healing chronic disease through a comprehensive approach and teaching people how simple, small shifts can have an enormous impact on their health. She believes that we all have the ability to take charge of our health and often we just need a bridge to that other side. Her mission is to work with individuals to navigate the complexity of the body and get to the root cause of disease.

Dr. Lester writes for leading wellness publications including The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and Thoughtfully Magazine. When not seeing patients, you can find her hiking through Northern California, browsing farmers markets for seasonal culinary inspiration, and trying to get through the entire New York Times Sunday edition in one week.

To learn more about Tiffany, follow her on Instagram at @drtiffanylester.


You have the capacity to make all your wildest dreams come true.

Recognize the fertile soil that is your soul.

Tend to your precious soul with wholehearted living and self-love.

Cultivate gratitude and sisterhood.

Release the weeds that keep them from blooming.

Fertilize your hearts with love.

Sow seeds of clear visualizations for a beautiful future.

Create a tangible plan to care for your tender soul-plants.

Watch them bloom into sunflowers of manifested dreams.


We are confident that “Sow The Seeds” will facilitate tangible progress in your life. We are excited to support your transformation