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A California-native, but nomad at heart, Danielle made her way to Chicago where she vigorously pursued self-discovery and self-development. From the time Danielle was first introduced to yoga, it was a medicine for both her body and her heart. As a result of her own journey, Love and Healing are the forces that deeply guide Danielle and it becomes evident in her teaching. Each session incorporates functional breath work, intention setting, heart-full devotion, and positive affirmations.

Danielle leads alignment-based classes that honor students by allowing them safe space to become curious about their own bodies, their own thoughts, and their own experiences. In teaching Hatha Yoga, Danielle guides her students into the deepest parts of their fascia and their feelings, where healing can be ignited.

Above all else, Danielle is a heart-based community builder who is intentional about creating safe space for women to love, release, and heal.

To learn more about Danielle, follow her on Instagram at @daniellelylesbarton.

As the founder of NUEVOLVE, Karlene is deeply committed to helping people design lives that flow in the direction of freedom.  She offers you the support you need to explore what liberation truly feels like in each area of your F.I.E.R.C.E. life.

F – Form + Fitness  ||  body
I – Imagination + Intellect  ||  mind
E – Environment + Ecology  ||  space
R – Riches + Resourcefulness  ||  wealth
C – Character + Consciousness  ||  spirit
E – Empathy + Empowerment  ||  heart

How would you dream if you believed that you were unconditionally loved and supported? What would the vision for your future include? And how would you show up daily to bring that vision to fruition? Something freeing happens when we dare to dream with clarity. 

Karlene has been fascinated with scheduling, planning and journaling ever since she can recall. She was given her first journal at seven years old, and still has it to this day! Over time, this natural inclination turned into a project management career supporting initiatives with organizations such as Black Girl in Om, We Heal Too, Wellness Ally, and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

It’s no surprise that the vision that you clarify in NUEVOLVE retreats, events, masterminds, and accountability groups will be accompanied by actionable steps to bring your dreams of freedom to fruition.

To learn more about Karlene, follow her on Instagram at @KarleneGPerry.