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Release Pain

I loved doing the yoga with Danielle. I felt like I released a lot of pain that I had been experiencing through different experiences in my life, like loneliness, depression, anxiety.
This group of women is amazing. I think if you’re looking for community, if you’re looking to transform your life to be able to manifest certain experiences for yourself, I think this retreat is perfect for you.
—Gabrielle Arrington

Cultivate Sisterhood

I thoroughly enjoyed being at the Sow the Seeds Retreat! I came here because I wanted to learn to be vulnerable and cultivate sisterhood and I did that! My most memorable moment was when I was talking with Karlene, after being here and feeling like I belong. She told me, “Just remember to lean into the places where you feel belonging.”
—Miranda McClendon

Leap and Grow

I knew that I needed something restorative and rejuvenating. I did a lot of research. Danielle and Karlene were gracious enough to invite me to attend. It’s been such an amazing group of people who I can connect with and be really able to talk about my heart and soul and hopes and dreams in a way that I really needed to leap and grow.

—Rebecca Miller-Webster

Leave with More

I came for rejuvenation and renewal, and I’m leaving with so much more. I want to thank the facilitators and organizers of the event and the women, the ladies, the sisters that I’ve acquired during this experience for cultivating an environment for sisterhood, for cultivating an environment for vulnerability, healing, restoration and community. I got much more than I expected!
—Chandrea Brown

Gain Resources

This whole experience was so amazing to me. It’s so hard for me to pinpoint one or two particular things because I enjoyed it all! I loved the take aways and the resources that were given; things I can use to help guide me along to continue this experience in my personal life. It’s priceless!
—Marshanelle Horne

Transform Humanity

What I experienced over the three days is an immense, profound gratitude toward the ability to connect with other women in a space like this. I remember clearly a moment where I was just looking around the room at all these beautiful faces but also feeling their energy and just not wanting to leave because I knew that I was safe here, I knew that I was loved here and I knew that we could all share what we were experiencing and be fully present. That’s something that I’ll carry on after the retreat. I truly believe the mission of sisterhood transforming how humanity interacts with one another.
—Shafaq Choudry


We are confident that “Sow The Seeds” will facilitate tangible progress in your life.
We are excited to support your transformation.